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Tucson, AZ
Duchell RangeKing
The Netherlands

Our Mission
RangePal is committed to improving shot making and speeding up play for golfers of all skill levels by providing quality and affordable reflective devices that enhance a laser rangefinder's ability to accurately and quickly measure distances out to 300+ yards.


DST Model 9 Hole Set - $75.50 (10 reflectors)
*ORG Model 9 Hole Set - $70.50 (9 reflectors)
Free shipping to customers in USA and territories served by the USPS.

​​If you own a laser rangefinder, would you use it more often if you could overcome...

• Trouble holding it steady?

• Trees, shrubbery or other background clutter?

• Taking several measurements?

• All the above?

Fact: The target is the key. Surveyors measure distance using a *cooperative target, not a non-reflective object such as a flag or flagstick. Even a low-end laser rangefinder will perform with a good reflective target.


*A cooperative target has been enhanced to give a higher return signal to the laser rangefinder receiver.

Problem: Not all targets on golf courses are good reflectors. The most important being flags and flagsticks. Flag material, size, color and angle can cause target recognition problems for even the most expensive laser rangefinder. Amazingly, most course managers aren't even aware of the problem and how easily and inexpensively it can be resolved.

Solution: The RangePal flagstick reflector. It's large circular and highly reflective surface, toughness and smart looks add a useful tool to your course for visitors and members.

If accuracy, simplicity, dependability and speeding up play suit your style, join our list of customers all across the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe enjoying the benefits of laser technology combined with RangePal reflectors.

*Update:  We've improved the two original "slip-on" ORG Model reflectors designed for the 1/2" and 3/4" diameter flag sticks. The rubber positioning grommets have been replaced by using two opposing set-screws. Set screws and allen wrench are included with each set. Visit the FAQ page for more detail.

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