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Starting in the spring of '09, RangePal kicked off with a goal of offering an affordable reflector option for laser users. The thinking being, if you invest  several hundred dollars in laser rangefinder technolgy, why wouldn't you want it to function at 100%? Why struggle shooting a flag on a stick that obviously doesn't want to be measured? To date, we've sold over 3400 x 9 hole sets.
We have customers in 48 US states, Canada, Europe, Scandanavia, Austrailia and New Zealand. Customers range from the local 9 hole course in your hometown to some of the finest tracks in the world. Our reflectors are designed, cut out and assembled by hand in our shop in Donalsonsville, Georgia, using materials from plants in North Carolina, Missouri and Connecticut, USA. We typically ship same or next day using the US Poastal Service Priority Mail, and it's "free" anywhere in the US and territories served by the USPS.


RangePal reflectors aren't the only option available to laser users, but you won't find a better product at a better price. Join the list of pros, course managers, club associations and groups of laser users taking full advantage of their laser rangefinders...thank you.  

Danny Nunnery | RangePal Golf Products
If your interested in improving your golfing experience, go with RangePal Reflectors. thanks.

Danny Nunnery
RangePal Golf Products
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